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Business Concept

Simple way to gain Bitcoin More & More just one time Invest of Rs.3000/- equivalent Bitcoin . Use Sign Up and Join free After That Activate Id From Your member panel to Work With us . You will get affiliate referral link at your Member Panel , Same need to share with your near and dear , social media or advertising site or as you like to refer others to our site . Every person join using your Link will help you to gain Bitcoin,

Invest Rs.3000/- Once & Earn UNLIMITED Bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital money used for secure and instant transfer of value anywhere in the world. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen . You can use it for many purpose Like different kind of Online Shopping , And Most Important is – You Can Withdraw It to your own currency and own bank for personal use.

What Is Bitcoin Wallet ?
It is the requirement you need to own Bitcoin , if you not yet having it , You can create it at ,’ . Need to verify the same with proper legal document of you, since it is a legal way.

Company aims at changing the mind set of people and remold the ways they look at Digital Currency and it Uses , Due to their past sour experiences of Minning and Different source of Free earning . We here Help those Who not able to collect more Bitcoin or not able to buy now for It high Cost . , but we wish to mention here that our company is not a multi level marketing or network marketing company; rather it is a marketing and distribution company. We constantly strive for creating an environment that is conducive in providing the highest levels of customer awareness and satisfaction.

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Leadership Program

We are looking For Leader to prompt our concept at his location as a franchise holder .
Unlimited Earning opportunity Just for Invset of Rs.20000/-
Only one person will allowed to start it to his location.
Person having 300+ group can contact us for step of work @ or Whatsapp +91-99540-73436

How It Works

Earning Summary

As a associated member of us You will get 7 way to earn Bitcoin.

  • Direct Joining Income
  • Level Income
  • Ratio Matching Income
  • Referral Allowance Income
  • Fast Track Club Income
  • Investment Income
  • Franchise Income

Auto Income generation and Auto Withdrawal . Your earned Bitcoin will Be transferred To your Bitcoin Wallet Daily . For all Downline Member of You You will get Bitcoin.


After Activation of Your Id You will be able to access our great Online Learning Portal including Free E-book, Training which can Be Download and Do Online

  • Bitcoin related E-book Bundle
  • Health Related E-book
  • Internet Marketing guide Book
  • Online Computer education courses
  • 1000+ Certificate courses
  • These all are Products you get against your joining Rs.3000/-

All these Value More than 0.2 Bitcoin

Get Assured Retruned Against Your Invest Amount

Who We Are

There are many ways to earn in day to day life. Mostly people thing if we work hard more we get more. We show people to earn smart way . Hard work Less , Smart earning More. Our business plan provides you a remarkable opportunity for your bright and safe future. Our team is full of dedication and committed with professionals experience in network marketing. Our Mission is to provide best Quality services and create opportunity for every individual to earn extra income as part time job.

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Vision & Mission

Financial freedom with ultimate way of living
No liability amazing opportunity
Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring
To refresh the world
To inspire moments of optimism and happiness
To create value and make a difference


Head Office:
BitcoinBtc4U Bornali Network, Aulachowka, Mangaldai , Assam, India , 784529
Contact :- ,
Cell:- 8486013536

USA Office:
BitcoinBtc4U Michael Crawley , Jenai Communication, 303 walnut Avenue, Wheeling , Illinois , USA , 60090 Contact :-

UK Office:
BitcoinBtc4U WONDKOSJACKSON, 7B Middle Row, East Grinstead, RH193AX, England , UK Contact :-

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